Who is this seminar for?

Marriage in Christian tradition is the union of a man and a woman. MIC is for those couples who want to strengthen their marriage—whether newly married or married for 20 or 50 years!

Is this seminar for engaged couples?

The Marriage in Christ Seminar is not intended for engaged couples. However, married couples of any length of time—from a few months to a few decades—will benefit.

If we know we are going to miss one of the weeks of the seminar, can we still attend?

Yes, You can read a transcript on your own.  You can do the couple’s discussion questions on your own and continue the weekly activities.

Can I attend the seminar without my spouse?

No. The seminar is designed for couples. If one spouse is unable or unwilling to attend, we recommend waiting until another time.

How much does the Marriage in Christ Seminar cost?

Your local church hosting the seminar has information about cost, including financial aid. View our Seminars page for currently scheduled seminars.

Will there be childcare during the Seminar?

Your local church hosting the seminar has information about childcare availability.