50 Years of Experience

The Marriage in Christ seminar originated in the experience of the 3,000 lay men and women, married and single, who are members of People of Praise, a lay Christian covenant community with 21 branches throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Our experience of the Jesus Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit and life together in a Christian community is reflected in every aspect of the Marriage in Christ seminar.

People of Praise was founded in South Bend, Indiana in 1971 after several men and women from South Bend and the University of Notre Dame experienced a renewal of Christian life through the charismatic renewal movement. This experience of the power of Holy Spirit has touched the personal lives of more than 600 million Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants since the beginning of the 20th century.

People of Praise community is a family of families and singles who come from all walks of life: homemakers, car mechanics, computer programmers, medical doctors, real estate agents, Catholic and Protestant clergy, teachers, professors and so forth. Some of us live in cities, some in suburbs and others in rural areas. We live in ordinary neighborhoods where we have our own homes. Some married couples have unrelated singles in their homes and pray and have meals together. Some singles live with other singles where they also pray and eat meals together.  

Our members are active participants in a variety of churches: Baptist, Catholic, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist, Pentecostal, and so forth. They serve in a variety of positions: in music, liturgy, religious formation, finance committees, school boards. Some members also serve as priests, clergy and deacons.

What unites People of Praise members is a covenant commitment, which is a lifelong mutual pledge of love and service to fellow community members and to the Lord, which is made only after several years of formation and experience. This covenant resembles permanent commitments made in Christian religious orders and in other intentional communities around the world today. 

In addition to fostering lay community life, we also seek to be a resource center for spiritual renewal, marriage, family life, education, Christian unity, and building a world more conducive to Christian living.

For more information about People of Praise, visit our website at www.peopleofpraise.org.