Renew the joy in your marriage!

The wedding feast at Cana is a story of hope for all marriages, even the better ones. All marriages begin with enthusiasm and joy. After a while boredom and sadness can replace enthusiasm and joy. We do things out of habit rather than love. Our marriages "run out of wine!" But the miracle at Cana can happen in your marriage.

If love and joy are a faint memory, there is hope!

Invite Jesus into your marriage! Ask him to repeat the miracle of Cana:

  • Transform the water of habit, routine and cooling affection. 
  • Into the wine of love and joy.

And this new wine may be the best wine you have ever tasted! 

The Marriage in Christ Seminar is an opportunity to enrich and transform your marriage by showing you how to:


Make the Lord the center of your married life.


Be more deliberate and intentional about your love and friendship for each other.


Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you as individuals and as a couple and have his power of unity and of love.

“Our life is chaotic and probably will be for a long time. But in the Marriage in Christ Seminar we experienced praying together on a daily basis. Now we are on the same page and we can face the chaos together.” - Seminar Participant