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NEW project launch! 

Marriage in Christ is collaborating with the Office of Marriage and Family Life in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. Together we are launching a two-year pilot program to use the Marriage in Christ seminar as a strategic means to strengthen marriages and build a culture of marriage. 

Generous donors are making it possible to provide the seminar to 400 newlywed and young married couples at a very low cost.

The pilot program will include: training host couples in 20 parishes, hosting seminars in those parishes, collecting and disseminating success stories, being creative with programs for ongoing support of couples, and including more references to marriage in Sunday homilies.

Contact Emily Hayden for more information.



God Our Father Renews the Love and Joy of Marriage Through the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Let Him begin with you!

The Marriage in Christ Seminar is for any couple who:

  • Desires to strengthen their marriage and friendship
  • Wants to establish good patterns of prayer and conversation
  • Faces the transitions of having children, empty nest, or retirement

The Marriage in Christ Seminar provides tools to:

  • Renew our love and affection for each other and for the Lord
  • Strengthen our unity
  • Help us recognize and celebrate God's presence in ordinary life

“The MIC marriage enrichment seminar offers small practical steps that are so achievable...great practical things to do immediately to make and see changes in our relationship. Thank you for caring and putting the importance of marriage into practice for us.”

The Marriage in Christ Seminar will help you:

  • Learn basic skills: praying together, having good conversations, acting in loving ways
  • Build habits of love
  • Grow in love and friendship with God and with your spouse
  • All in the power of the Holy Spirit

Bring Refreshed Love and Joy into Your Marriage!

Over time couples can fall into a rut. We take our spouse for granted and we forget how much we love each other. The 5-week Marriage in Christ Seminar gives practical suggestions to renew our love and put it into action.

For recently married couples, the Marriage in Christ Seminar offers a foundation to build a strong marriage. You learn practical skills to build a marriage that stands the test of time. Your marriage can be a witness to God's love in today's culture.

The Marriage in Christ Manual is easy to follow.

The 50 page manual gives you a 35 day guide for prayer, conversation and loving actions. In it you will find:

  • A step-by-step format for daily prayer together - different for each day.
  • Fun topics to discuss - things you used to talk about at the start of your marriage.
  • Simple, easy to do suggestions to show signs of your love.

All in as little as 20 minutes a day!

"The seminar allowed us to bring prayer into our lives together for the first time!"

Have you opened the gift you received from God on your wedding day?