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Lenten Meditations for Married Couples 2022

We have offered a set of Lenten meditations for married couples since Lent of 2014. The normal pattern has been to list all the daily readings from the Catholic Lectionary, except the Psalm, and to reflect on either the Old Testament passage or the Gospel.

This year we are trying something new. We have again listed all the readings for each day, but we have chosen to focus on the Psalm that is part of that day’s liturgy.

These Lenten meditations on the Psalms will serve as the March and April installments of Praying with the Bible as a Couple: Marriage in the Bible. We will offer a set of meditations on resurrection after Easter as the conclusion of the Old Testament portion of that study.

Download the Lenten Meditations for Married Couples 2022


Praying with the Bible as a Couple: Marriage in the Bible

This is a monthly series of Scripture passages selected for an extended reflection on marriage in the Bible. Each month will consist of an introduction providing historical background, theological and literary content to the 5-7 scripture passages and meditations. It will be issued monthly in our newsletter. 


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Night Prayer for a Busy Couple

Got ten minutes before bed? Try our "Night Prayers for Couples." Click here!


20 Minutes/Day

Prayers, conversation starters and tips for how to love your spouse. 


Virtual Small Group Ideas

Many couples hope to continue the good work of the Marriage in Christ seminar with the support of a small group.

  • Here are our suggestions to use for small group virtual gatherings, following the format of the Marriage in Christ seminar.
  • Get together with other couples and try this: Use our Date Night Template to plan a date for you and your spouse. Share your ideas with the group.