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Advent 2020

Advent and the Christmas season present one of the most important chapters in the story of God’s good creation, his great love, and his rescue of humanity. Moreover, it is an ongoing story, and we have a place in it. It is our story!

We offer daily Scriptures and mediations as a way to help you stay connected during the hectic Advent season.

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Night Prayer for a Busy Couple

Got ten minutes before bed? Try our "Night Prayers for Couples." Click here!


20 Minutes/Day

Prayers, conversation starters and tips for how to love your spouse. 


Virtual Small Group Ideas

Many couples hope to continue the good work of the Marriage in Christ seminar with the support of a small group.

  • Here are our suggestions to use for small group virtual gatherings, following the format of the Marriage in Christ seminar.
  • Get together with other couples and try this: Use our Date Night Template to plan a date for you and your spouse. Share your ideas with the group.


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