“We had really good marriage prep, but then we were dropped into real life.."



"The Holy Spirit has opened our eyes to see Christ in each other."



"Hey, Martha, I'm sorry, please forgive me."




“Our life is chaotic and probably will be for a long time. But in the Marriage in Christ Seminar we experienced praying together on a daily basis. Now we are on the same page and we can face the chaos together.”

- Seminar Participant


Not Just Roommates

"Marriage in Christ has given us excitement for our marriage again and to continue to make it new each day. Our 20+ year marriage seemed to become stagnant. We were almost living as roommates. MIC helped us communicate and talk about things that we may have never discussed or shared with each other, for example, 'What is your favorite ice cream?' Or 'What was your favorite childhood vacation?' They are simple questions, but the spur on good conversations and laughter."  -Greg & Liz


Holy Spirit Help

"Eight months into our marriage we were only bothered by the typical stuff - toilet paper placement, how to squeeze the toothpaste, and where to put the milk in the fridge. Nothing major. Then we attended a Marriage in Christ seminar. We were surprised how much we took away from the program. And how much we really needed the Holy Spirit in our relationship."  - Andrew & Emily


Newlywed Support

"As newlyweds, we feel it is very important to continually add to the foundation our relationship is built on. While we started this seminar at a 'good place' in our marriage, we went in knowing there is always room for growing closer to God together, and thus growing closer to each other. The seminar really supported this growth not only through the videos we watched, but also through our time in small group and prayer time as a couple. We recommend this seminar to all couples whether married 6 months, 60 years, or anywhere in between!"  -Kevin & Katie


Busy, But Connected

"We are learning how to make a more conscious and deliberate effort to strengthen our relationship. With three young kids, demanding jobs, and a full schedule of extracurricular activities, we realized it was very easy to get into autopilot mode when relating to each other. Since attending the Marriage in Christ seminar, we have found ways to find time to intentionally communicate to ensure we continue to grow together."  - Eric & Liz


There's More!

“The daily conversation starters have us sharing more of our memories and life experiences - it is amazing how much more there is to learn about each other!"  -Wife of 45 years